Helping Animals with Prosthetics

A damaged hoof or leg on a horse used to be a death sentence. But technology and amazing, dedicated veterinarians have changed that.

Dear friends of mine who rescue horses, Chris and Dale Dunn of Ravenwood Farm Foundation, have been involved in helping a young little horse, Bucephalus ("Buc"), whose foot was caught in a fence. Buc lost his entire hoof--an injury that would have likely been fatal at one time.

Instead, thanks to the work of Veterinary Inclusive Prosthetics/Orthotics (VIP) in Bushnell, Florida, doctors are creating a new hoof and prosthetic leg for Buc.

On their Facebook page, are photos of fawns, dogs, horses, cows and pigs with their prostheses!

The previous owner of VIP, Bob Frank, and current owner, Ronnie Graves were certified by the American Board of Certification in orthotics and prosthetics before adapting their designs, techniques and materials for veterinary use.

Thanks to people like Bob and Ronnie, science and technology can not only help us humans, but the animals in our amazing environment.


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